Lockdown Update:
We will start Zoom classes in small groups from July 19. Mondays Drama and Wednesdays Musical Theatre companies will be divided into four groups with five kids each, and work consecutively between 3.30pm - 5.30pm. You will be sent your group details and personal rehearsal schedule via email, text, our FB page and WhatsApp.

If lockdown restrictions are eased sooner than expected, we will revise these plans according to what’s allowed and practical.


Term 3 classes run July 19
to September 13


Spring Holiday Stage Camp
September 27 to October 1


Epiphany creates work with and for young people, weaving urban tales that blur the line between fantasy and reality. With one foot in social realism and the other in magic surrealism, our productions offer an innovation in performance making, blending live theatre, original filmmaking and music that capture the essence of inner-city youth in 2021.

The stories we tell often reimagine classic and modern plays, offering emotionally intense experiences that capture what it’s like to be young, in a process of transformation, off balance, living under the gaze of social media and disconnected from meaning.

Industry directors work with our company of actors closely to produce performances that are connected, powerful and honest, with a quality of presence that can be unnerving. Audiences may either be warmed by the heat of human connection or left reflecting on their youth and of the innocence lost when we are forced to grow too fast.

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